Bihon Pancit Recipe

This famous noodle dish is a celebration staple, usually seen at birthdays, fiestas, and especially Christmas.

Pancit Bihon is traditionally made with Filipino-style bihon, or cornstarch noodles, which you should easily find in any oriental supermarket. However, thin rice noodles or vermicelli will also work, but make sure not to pre-soak!


Most recipes also just call for shredded chicken, but our version of Pancit Bihon makes it extra special by adding sliced Chinese sausages and a drizzle of our Great Taste Garlic Chilli Oil!

Perfect for large gatherings, this dish is sure to wow any crowd. So while the chopping and prep takes more time, it's definitely worth it! Easy and quick, this pancit is made all in one large wok or pan.

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