Merch with a Cause

This is a collaboration project between Purple Community Fund and RoniB's Kitchen.

For every piece of merchandise sold, £1 will go to Purple Community Fund.

Funds raised will go to the urban poor families in the Philippines within the Purple Community Fund locations, survive and be self-sufficient and aid them to break out of the poverty cycle.

We at RoniB's Kitchen are very excited about this collaboration because the Philippines holds a special place in our hearts and this gives us a chance to pay it forward.

We hope you, our customers will support us in this project.

Logos of Purple Community Fund and RoniB's Kitchen

  • Community Livelihood and Skills Training Programme

    This programme supports families to start their own micro-business, especially those who lost their jobs during COVID.

    They are trained and are given a startup business loan. Programmes include shoe-making and sewing.

    The rice bags we sell were made by the families under this program.

  • Community Nutrition Programme

    Pre COVID, a community kitchen cooks food for those in the community. The kitchen had to close down during lockdown for safety reasons. Since lockdown, many could not earn a living, and the biggest challenge is how to eat and keep safe.

    A week's worth of rice, dried fish or eggs, canned goods, and vegetables are given to families who cannot feed themselves or their children because they could not work and earn a living.

  • Community Education and Mentoring Programme

    Pre COVID, this program supported children through school, college and universities. Education is most important to their students because they understand that by having an education, they can better their lives and break the cycle.

Shop for a cause

The t-shirt designs are a collaboration between Roni and Eli Africa of Eli Creates who is based in the USA.

The shopper bags are products made by the community as part of their livelihood programme.