The dish I will cook for my mum on Mother's Day

Original post date: March 22, 2020; updated March 3, 2023

My mum, a woman of 83 years, is a petite lady standing at 5' tall. She dedicated her life to my dad and me by being a full-time housewife. A person of great inner strength, she is the tie that binds our family together. Like any mother-daughter relationship, we were at odds when I was growing up. She was my most staunch critic but my most loyal defender.

I've watched my mum through all the trials and tribulations our family had to go through over the years. She quietly goes on and fights with gentleness and compassion. Now, I'm watching my mum go frail with age. She is no longer the woman I was at odds before.

This Mother's Day, I wanted to celebrate with her but travelling to the Philippines amid this virus pandemic is an option that is not available. Nevertheless, I will make this day special as if she was here with me.

My mum's cooking

My mum is the youngest and sickly among her siblings, and because of this, she hardly did any house chores, including cooking. She always defers to her sisters as the better cooks. My mum is not a very confident cook but she makes hearty, tasty and simple dishes.

Her gift is knowing how to combine flavours. This is what I learned from her.

Estofadong Manok (Chicken in Red Wine Sauce) - The Dish I Would Have Liked to Cook for My Mum

Estofado simply means stew, hot pot or pot roast. This version uses red wine and lardons. It is very similar to the French Coq Au Vin. This is a dish that celebrates our Spanish heritage by using ingredients that became popular during that era.

Red wine, olive oil, olives and bacon came from Spain through the galleon trade.

This is a celebration dish, which I wish I could share with my mum on Mother's Day.

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