Filipino pork barbecue and banana ketchup

Original post date: August 9, 2023

Filipino pork barbecue is a popular street food staple that is distinct from the grilled meats of other southeast Asian countries. Unlike its counterparts, it has a salty-sweet-umami flavour, owing to banana ketchup and 7Up. These two unlikely products have become the primary ingredients for its marinade.

Banana ketchup was created out of necessity during World War II, when there was a shortage of tomatoes. However, it has since become a preferred option over tomato ketchup for Filipinos. The combination of 7Up, soy sauce, vinegar, kalamansi, and garlic creates a crunchy, caramelised film on the meat when it is grilled. The carbonated water in 7Up also helps to tenderise cheap cuts of meat.

Today, Filipino pork barbecue is an example of hybrid cuisine that combines traditional southeast Asian flavours with American ingredients.

Yes, banana ketchup is used in a variety of dishes in Filipino cuisine. Here are some examples:

  • Hotdogs - Filipino-style hotdogs are often served with banana ketchup as a condiment.
  • Lumpia - Banana ketchup can be used as a dipping sauce for Filipino-style spring rolls called lumpia.
  • Fried chicken - Banana ketchup can be used as a sauce or marinade for fried chicken.
  • Pork tocino - Tocino is a sweet cured meat commonly eaten for breakfast in the Philippines. Banana ketchup is often used as a marinade or dipping sauce for this dish.
  • Filipino spaghetti - Unlike traditional Italian spaghetti, Filipino-style spaghetti is sweetened with sugar and often includes banana ketchup in the sauce.
  • Burger steak - A popular fast food item in the Philippines, burger steak is often served with a sauce made from mushroom soup and banana ketchup.
  • Adobo - Banana ketchup can be used as a sweetener or thickener for adobo sauce, a popular Filipino dish made with soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, and other seasonings.

These are just a few examples of the many ways banana ketchup is used in Filipino cuisine.

RoniB's Kitchen is a brand that produces banana ketchup made from natural ingredients. It is now available in the UK and is gaining popularity among those who prefer natural and healthy options.

RoniB's Kitchen banana ketchup is made from ripe bananas, sugar, vinegar, and spices. It is also free from preservatives and artificial colours, making it a healthier option for those who are conscious about what they eat.

In addition to being a condiment for Filipino dishes, RoniB's Kitchen banana ketchup can also be used as a marinade for meats or as a dipping sauce for fries and other snacks. It has a slightly sweet and tangy taste that can complement a wide range of dishes.

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