Do you still make a list of new year resolutions?

Original post date: January 1, 2020

When I was young, making a new year's resolution list was something I did quite regularly year after year. As I got older, not so much. As a small business owner, this is now more a 'to do' list for the year.

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Do you still make a list of new year resolutions?

However, there are some 'resolutions' I've mentally made and here they are.

January is going to be a 'dry' one

The excesses of the holiday season were so unbelievable that I need to take care of my liver. Hence, it is a detox month in this area. I figured, better to do this and enjoy all the libations when the season comes around again than not being able to enjoy it.

Control portion sizes

There it is! As you can imagine, I love food. Christmas is the season, we Filipinos eat more than our fair share. To my Pinoy friends, you know what I am talking about! There is a train of dishes coming out of the kitchen. Big, rich and indulgent. One serving, two servings... yes! After all, you think, it's the season! Well, not until the buttons don't close anymore and that's when you realise, changes are needed. So, we are back to one serving this month and eating healthy.

January has been dubbed as Veganuary but I'm too much of a carnivore. Sorry! More veggies, yes. That is a definite.

Exercise: to do or not to do, that is the question

January is typically the month when everybody enrolls in a gym membership. I did many decades ago. I was rah-rah back then. I went 4 times a week and spent 3 to 4 hours. Yep! I think I did all my gym time back then. However, I recognise the benefits of exercise but now it will be slightly different. No gym just good old walking and a bit of stretching. Really helps when you sit in front of a computer for long hours. Stretching exercises is the name of the game.

Be more Me-Kind

I've done many miles in this road called life. In my youth, I was super competitive, in everything I did. I still am now but not as much. I push myself and I am hard on myself in meeting deadlines, both personal and in work. I do not give myself much margin for error and the stress levels go up. I can actually feel it in my shoulders and my back. Every masseuse would tell me how 'knotted' my shoulders and back are and I think to myself, yep! that's all my stress right there. People are talking about mental health a lot nowadays. I think we just have to be kinder to ourselves and forgive ourselves a lot more.

Do you agree with being more 'me-kind'?

2020 is start of a new year, a decade even. Let's make it better than the last one. Do you have any resolutions you would like to share?


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